On 07.11.2012 Gabriela Milcev sustained a presentation elaborated together with Iulia Burbea on “Mediation – compulsory, utility, necessity. Negotiation – provisions according with the New Civil Code”, as part of the Conference on Technics and Methods of Communication, Negotiation and Mediation.

The presentation was focused on the mediation procedure taking into consideration the imminent application (2013, January) of the mediation legislation.

The presentation aim was to underline the advantages and the necessity of the mediation in some cases. In-depth discussions arose from a case study where the audience participates actively.

The presentation also contained a part that underlined the news related to the legislative provisions regarding negotiation in the light of the New Civil Code (October 1st, 2011). A special attention was paid to pre-agreement negotiation, post-agreement negotiation and the principle of goodwill in negotiation stage.

The audience of the presentation was the law professionals as lawyers, judges, legal counsels, notaries and also entrepreneurial representatives.