MILCEV BURBEA is a team of highly qualified attorneys, resulting from the partnership of two dynamic lawyers, with a strong work ethic and deep knowledge of the Romanian legal system and jurisprudence.

We believe that our advice can and should add real value to clients. So we draw on our intellectual capabilities to conduct thorough research and to provide comprehensive analyses of all the legal issues our clients encounter, offering optimal solutions, on time and efficiently.

The strategic combination of legal, practical and communication skills we offer, results in the highest quality advice, helping our clients succeed.

We believe that what distinguishes us is our approach that treats the clients’ needs as our own and our relationship as a long-term partnership. This manner of work has brought us a deep knowledge of various industries, such as consumer goods, logistics, IT, telecommunications, media and entertainment and a variety of local and international clients that we are proud of.

The firm’s culture is that a case is usually handled by strong teams of 2 to 4 people, depending on the complexity therein, each member being able to provide different experience and ideas so that the chosen strategy and approach and final documents resulted are the most benefit for the Client.


Stands out thanks to its deep expertise on all aspects of civil and commercial law and its ability to continuously adapt to the rapidly changing marketplace.

Gabriela Milcev

Managing Partner

Iulia Burbea

Managing Partner

Veronica Floroiu

Managing Associate

Florina Enache

Senior Associate

Miruna Cavescu-Lazar


Ioana Balaceanu


Diana Cretu


Mihnea Mitrofan

Junior Lawyer

Gabriela Umbrarescu

Junior Lawyer

Andreea Ciobotariu

Manager Assistant

Florian Iliescu

Administrative Support Specialist

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