Well-designed products create an important competitive advantage for producers and companies that invest in design tend to be more profitable and grow faster. In order to encourage producers to invest in designs, there needs to be accessible, modern and effective legal protection for their design rights.

Currently, there is a broad range of legal tools to protect designs at national and EU level. This gives right holders flexibility and a choice of protection that can be used according to their needs.


We provide a full range of design and models portfolio planning services:

Availability searches on national and international databases
Advising and representing clients in filing design applications with the Romanian Patent and Trademark Office and WIPO
Conducting oppositions, contestations and cancellation proceedings
Administrating and renewing
Coordinating foreign filings world-wide
Performing European design filings and registrations before the EUIPO
Building design survey mechanisms against infringers
Advising and representing clients in all the procedures related to design and models infringement, including drafting intervention petitions for the Customs Authorities
Assisting in counterfeiting and unfair competition actions
Negotiating the sale and acquisition
Drafting and reviewing complex agreements, including assignment, license, franchise and distribution agreements

Our expertise extends to all design-related commercial aspects such as labeling, packaging, consumer protection and advertising, to ensure that our client’s products and services comply with the various governmental regulations.


Successful Cases


Assisting a large international retail company in connection with its IP portfolio including design following the launching of a new chain of stores in Romania

Assisting a Romanian beverage producer in front of the State Office for Patents and Trademarks for challenging several design decisions of refusal

Representing an important international retail company present in Romania since 1996 in negotiation and structuring a brand coexistence agreement

Representing many clients in taking legal measures to prosecute infringes of IP rights, including enforcement of border control measures by the Customs Authorities, institution of claims and bringing lawsuits for violations in front of the Bucharest Tribunal and courts of subsequent instance, enforcement of security measures by the respective Courts