Cristi Minculescu, Valter Popa and Dorulet Borobeica, represented by a Milcev Burbea SCA lawyer team composed of Gabriela Milcev, Iulia Burbea and Florina Enache, won the cancellation action of the trademark IRIS no. 069486, as being registered in bad faith by former colleague Nelu Dumitrescu.

By the sentence pronounced yesterday, 14.11.2018, in the File no. 28673/3/2017, the Bucharest Tribunal upheld the action brought by Cristi Minculescu, Valter Popa and Dorulet Borobeica claiming that former band colleague Nelu Dumitrescu fraudulently misappropriated the name of the band, without their consent, despite the essential contribution that the solist (Cristi Minculescu), the bassist (Valter Popa) and the guitarist (Dorulet Borobeica) had for 35 years for “IRIS”.

The solution pronounced by the Bucharest Tribunal represents an important step in order for the artists to regain the right to use the IRIS trademark and to remove an abusive registration and an injustice.

The decision may be appealed against to the Bucharest Court of Appeal.